High Quality IPTV For Sparkle TV

How to Add Source on Sparkle TV IPTV Player

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Follow the steps below to integrate your IPTV subscription in Sparkle TV IPTV Player:

Based on XTREAM-Codes (recommaneded)

  1. After installation, open the Sparkle TV Player and click Add New Source option and click Done
  1. Choose Xtream Codes and then click Next
  1. Enter the information provided for your subscription, you should have the following details ready:
    Server Address
    After entering the account details, please double-check for any typos, as a single incorrect character can prevent you from connecting, then click Next

4. Sparkle will generate an auto EPG URL, then click on Next.

5. Click Add.

6. You will then see your playlist input source (xtream codes). Click Done

7. Afterward Sparkle will immediately begin processing the channel list.

8. Setup of Sparkle TV is now complete! Click Close.

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